Rivka Ziegler

Real Estate Salesperson

Office: 845-35Q-HOME x 142

Cell: 845-376-5000

I was born and raised in Brooklyn and relocated to Rockland County in 2015. I graduated with a masters in communication disorders and worked as a Speech Language Pathologist with children ages 0-3.

I entered the world of real estate in 2009, working as a loan processor and closing on mortgage loans even while the real estate economy was in a slump by maximizing on the low interest rates. In my search for the perfect place to live, I studied the areas in Rockland County in depth and accrued a wealth of knowledge on the different aspects of different neighborhoods. What I came to learn is that owning a house is so much more than the property and real estate it’s built on. A house is a home, a place where memories are made, a place where the heart can rest, a place where safety, security, and love can flourish.

In essence, I have just one profession, and that is connecting with people. Whether I’m connecting with the children I work with, or with the buyers and sellers I’m working with, my mission is to care.