Rena C Cohen

Real Estate Associate Broker

Office: 845-35Q-HOME x 123

Cell: 845-304-1370

Email: [email protected]


Rena Cohen discovered her passion for real estate through her search for her own dream home. After her twins were born, Rena was in search for a home to accommodate her large family. Raised and living in NYC, Rena extended her search to Rockland County, settling in Wesley Hills after viewing over 30 homes. During her search, Rena discovered a new hobby – viewing different homes. Rena loves to cook and bake for her large family, as well as decorating and oil painting. Her newest form of satisfaction, looking at homes, brought her to change her career toward real estate, enjoying the business even more.

Rena had worked as a medical assistant to an internist and moved to the business environment as a legal assistant to a lawyer specialized in bankruptcies. Always first-rate at work, medicine and legal affairs used a fraction of Rena’s excellence and finesse with people. Being a part of Q Homes, allows Rena to utilize her kind, understanding persona for her clients. Rena gives herself to her clients, making herself available to find a matching house her client can call home. Her unparalleled customer service enables her to find the right house for the right client at the right time. Regardless whether the house is marketed under or over a million, Rena is a trusted agent to put the buyer and seller together.

A real estate license brought out Rena’s unique and expert eye in matching her client with their dream house. Holding her license for only a few hours, Rena’s first customer bought the first home she showed. Now, 30+ years later, Rena can confidently find the perfect home for her clients and make a deal despite challenging and changing markets.