Mordechai Jacobs

Real Estate Salesperson

Office: 845-35Q-HOME x 133

Cell: 845-538-6465



Mordechai Jacobs, a native of Brooklyn, New York, carries the stamina and energetic personality of the city. Falling in love with Rockland County, Mordechai relocated to the rolling hills of Monsey where he was recognized as an excellent and devoted teacher for young boys. Mordechai’s commitment to his class of seven-year-olds led him to take over 1,000 hours of training on understanding people’s feelings, emotions and desires. In turn, he applied all his training to his students, infusing them with a fire to learn more, achieve, and be successful in their individual way.

Another school heard of Mordechai’s unique teaching methods, his warm and caring relationship to the children, and exceptional ability to understand people and children. He was offered to be the head of the school as Principal, a post he accepted and excelled in for six years. Mordechai put a strong emphasis in creating a positive environment in the school, channeling all his abilities to guide each student to reach their utmost potential. He was always available to students and parents to listen, feel and understand for their needs. Mordechai partnered with parents to educate and help them understand their child and ensure they are successful and happy. Notably, Mordechai openly worked with children other schools and professional tutors labeled as ‘no hope’. Utilizing his problem solving abilities, Mordechai was not afraid to apply new educational methods and solutions to help a single child succeed.

Employing his outgoing personality, deep understanding of people and mission to make a positive difference, Mordechai transfigured his skills to real estate, enabling him to engage with people for realistic opportunities. Fluent in English, Yiddish, and Hebrew, Mordechai avails himself to educate, guide, and achieve his clients’ dreams.

Living in Monsey with his wife Rachel and six beautiful children, he is a prominent member in the community, working with community leaders on local affairs. Mordechai volunteers his spare time to help individuals that need guidance in connecting and raising their children, as well as assisting leading Monsey educators. Mordechai most enjoys a book and the quiet Spring air while also spending time with his own loving family.

If you are looking to be understood during your real estate venture, don’t hesitate to call, email, or text Mordechai. He is excited to meet you and ready to hold your hand during every step of selling or buying your home.